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   Our Females
        All our dogs are health tested, B.I.G.S. tested and DNA profiled.



   Blitzkrieg Bonnie    
 Date of Birth:  04-05-2010
 Sire:  Piet-Zyn-Drift Beeste [91.20%]
 Dam:  Spitsvuur Madja [92.00%]
 SABBS Score:  93.60%
 Shoulder Height:  62 cm
 Weight:  62 kg
 Head Perimeter:  60 cm
 Bite Type:   Level Bite
 HD:  B1-B2
 ED:  0-0
 En/Ectropion:  Free
 VH:  Free



  Stud Register

  SABBS Appraisal Westerville (USA) 25/10/2012 - 4th Best Female






   Pancer Kiwi    
 Date of Birth:  21-07-2013
 Sire:  Delatro Dusty [88.50%]
 Dam:  Pancer Little Angie [82.40%]
 SABBS Score:  82.70%
 Shoulder Height:  58 cm 
 Weight:  52 kg
 Head Perimeter:  58 cm
 Bite Type  Undershot
 HD:  A-A
 ED:  0-0
 En/Ectropion:  Free
 VH:  Free 






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